About Us

The Patient Assistance Program can be a very difficult process which involves understanding all the eligibility requirements, determining the correct programs, knowing which forms to submit and then completing all the applications, and just when you think you have it figured out, the pharmaceutical company changes the application and/or the availability of the drugs.

WebPAP software takes care of all the management, leaving you time to focus on assisting the patient with their medication needs.

Our WebPAP has some of the most comprehensive features that are not found in any other PAP software. Over the last 13 years, we have developed WebPAP that is packed with features that have been submitted by our 3000+ users.

We continue to strive to enhance our WebPAP with recent additions such as our API that provides integration into most all of the electronic health and electronic medical record companies. Companies such as GE Centricity, eClinicalworks, Nextgen, Allscripts and Greenway EMR.

WebPAP is a software that can handle very small clinics to large multi-level organizations.

WebPAP includes reports related to all your activity such as completed applications, pending applications, certified patients that need to be re-certified and application progress history. Reports can be emailed, printed or downloaded into excel format.

WebPAP integrates with PostalMethods for mailing, SendGrid for emailing and Twilio for sending text messages to patients or doctors.


Medication Advocate is the developer of WebPAP software that manages the Prescription Assistance Program from the pharmaceutical companies. We have been developing PAP software for more than 13 years and have helped clinics provide medication assistance for more then 300,000 patients to date.

In order to continue to deliver on our commitments to the medical facilities, our team checks for new drugs, new applications and any new requirements on a daily basis. Updates are done automatically.

Medication Advocate is committed to providing the latest medication assistance information to our customers. Our #1 goal is to help you!

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