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For the healthcare provider (WebPAP software license)

Our WebPAP software is a complete comprehensive patient assistance program management tool used by thousands of professionals across the country. We have been offering this software since 1999 and is our most popular module. Our user's activity range from 100 applications per month to over 1000 applications per day.

Once you enter the information one time, you never enter it again. With a single click, you can reorder an application and print it with all the data on the form. You can also request to show all applications that need to be reordered in a given time period (a week, a day, a month etc.). You can 'select all' and reorder 1-2000 applications with a single click.

You will have the option to print them or for those that can be called in (for reorders), we will write those out to an excel file along with the Pharm. Company information and phone #. You can call them in from that excel. Our program automatically knows what apps need to be printed and which ones can be phoned in. This saves you time and paper.

WebPAP is a tremendous time saver and a must have for any healthcare professional who works with the prescription assistance program. Our database and programs are updated on a daily basis so you will have the most accurate information available.

Our WebPAP software license fee:

Please call for general pricing. (for profit). Unlimited patients and applications. This includes all daily updates, unlimited training and technical support. WebPAP runs in any of the latest browsers on Mac, PC or tablet. Special pricing is available for non-profits.


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