Our Mission

Empower hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, insurance company advocates and health care providers to better serve and treat patients whose insurance does not cover certain prescription medications or who cannot afford their prescription medications. To help healthcare professionals to efficiently access patient assistance programs offered by all nationally available pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Prescription Assistance Program

For Hospitals, Clinics & Healthcare Industry

For Hospitals, Clinics & Healthcare Industry

For Hospitals, Clinics & Healthcare Industry

Patient Assistance Program, Patient Assistance Program software, PAP Software, Free Medications, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Clinics, Universities and Medication Advocates can now provide PAP Services easily with WebPAP software from Medication Avocate

WebPAP™ empowers hospitals, pharmacies, insurance company advocates, FQHC CLinics, CFC & CHC Clinics, State Governments, universities and Patient Advocates to pre-qualify patients for free or very low cost medications for patients using our PAP software

For Patients

For Hospitals, Clinics & Healthcare Industry

For Hospitals, Clinics & Healthcare Industry

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Learn how you can improve your treatment and ask your provider to qualify you for Patient Assistance for free or low cost prescription drugs 

For Healthcare Providers

For Hospitals, Clinics & Healthcare Industry

For Healthcare Providers

Patient Assistance Program, Patient Assistance Program software, PAP, PAP Software, Free medications, Providers,insured patients free medications, uninsured patients free medications

Learn how you can improve your patient's experience by qualifying your patients to receive free or low cost medications, using our WebPAP™  software

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Prescription Assistance For Patients


Medication Advocate provides the best cloud-based Prescription  Assistance Program for Patients - Drug Recovery Software - WebPAP™ (Patent Pending).

The technology deployed in our software empowers hospitals, clinics, state governments, universities and healthcare providers to quickly identify and qualify patients who are either insure, un-insured, under-insured, or medically indigent. A process which typically took over 72 hours to complete manually, can now be completed within minutes with our WebPAP™  software.  WebPAP™ can be used efficiently and effectively to qualify the patient for needed medications at No cost or substantially reduced cost, to the patient.

Securing PAP aid can be extremely challenging, and MUST meet federal poverty guidelines and stringent pharmaceutical company requirements to qualify a patient.  We help successfully manage the ever-evolving PAP complexities by providing PAP recovery software and services from start to finish. WebPAP™ can save your hospital, pharmacy, clinic or practice money while giving your patients better outcomes.

Our platform provides the software for Prescription Medication Assistance Programs (MAP) and Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) from every nationally available pharmaceutical manufacturer and foundation resources. 

WebPAP™ software is being used by Hospitals, Pharmacies, Clinics, Healthcare Providers, State Governments, Universities, Native American Nation Clinics and Patient Advocates.

WebPAP™ software platform is HIPAA compliant. Automatically pre-qualifies the patient for the Prescription Assistance Program (PAP).  The patient’s eligibility is auto calculated and the application and documents necessary are  automatically completed within the WebPAP™  software platform for the provider and links the patient with the best program available when a medication is prescribed. 

WebPAP™ Software Benefits to Clients & Patients

Medication Advocate has helped our clients and their patients receive over $1.02 Billion in free medications. 

  • One large health system in Maine has distributed over $26.1M in free medications in 2019. 
  • In Missouri, another health system distributed over $9.4M in free medications in 2019.
  • In California a Patient Advocate Client has distributed $71K in free medications in 2019. 
  • A small Clinic in Mississippi distributed over $40K in free medications in 2019.  

How Our Prescription Assistance Technology Works

Improve efficiency with our WebPAP™ recovery services

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and many foundation resources have patient assistance medication programs to provide prescribed medications for patients with insurance where the drug is not covered by the patient's insurance plan, patients with no insurance, low income, no income, indigent patients and to patients who cannot afford their medications. 

Each program has various guidelines and must meet federal poverty metrics and strict eligibility requirements and applications. A process which is arduous and can take up to 72 hours to complete manually, can now be completed electronically in minutes using our WebPAP™ software platform.  Our software automates this process and assists in applying for these programs. 

We provide up to date applications for all available programs offered as well as the eligibility requirements and the list of medications available, all in one location.

Most drug companies will ship the medication in a three month supply. 

Highlights of our WebPAP™ Software platform for Healthcare Providers

  • Removes and simplifies all the arduous tasks associated with PAPs of completing PAP qualification criteria and applications, submittals and tracking, re-ordering and and automates the process in minutes.
  • Pre-qualify the patient
  • Eligibility wizard
  • Auto calculation of patient's poverty level
  • Bulk replenishment & batch reordering
  • List of all drugs and PAP programs
  • Information storage for easy reordering
  • Automatic reminders on reordering
  • Reports can be printed, downloaded to Excel or emailed
  • Patient, Physician and Pharmaceutical company mailing labels can be printed
  • Frequent updates of all drugs, programs and applications 
  • Cloud based HIPAA Compliant platform

Our platform is multi-site capable for enterprise, large and small organizations.

Make our PAP recovery services part of your team.  If you are a 340B facility, save up to 30% on your annual drug-spend.

To schedule a software product demo please complete the Contact Us page or call us directly on 423.479.6729 ext. 2

* Majority of the medications are free.  Some of the medications are either very low cost or with a co-pay based on the patient's eligibility