About US and FREE Prescription Medications


Medication Advocate is a subsidiary of SW Healthcare Solutions LLC and  specializes in and is the developer of the best cloud-based Patient Assistance Program (PAP) for Prescription Drugs software - WebPAP™ (Patent Pending).

Our Values:

  • Customer Satisfaction - We are passionate about providing outstanding customer service experiences with every contact and developing positive customer relationships.
  • Teamwork & Family Atmosphere - creating a positive work environment that supports our co-workers so everyone can reach their maximum potential. 
  • Quality - deliver our individual best to drive the highest quality software products, services and work environment - ultimately providing the best possible experience for everyone we engage with.
  • Innovation - we are steadfast champions for embracing new ideas and implementing innovation into our products and  services to constantly improve.

Medication Advocate has helped our clients and their patients receive over $1.02 Billion in free medications.  

The technology deployed in WebPAP™ software empowers healthcare providers to quickly identify and qualify patients who are either un-insured, under-insured, or medically indigent as well as insured patients whose medications may not be covered by their insurance. WebPAP™ can be used efficiently and effectively to qualify the patient for FREE medications.

Securing PAP aid can be extremely challenging.  We help successfully manage the ever-evolving PAP complexities by providing PAP recovery software and services from start to finish.  WebPAP™ can reduce the 'drug spend' for hospital, pharmacy, clinic money while giving their patients better outcomes. The platform provides the software for Prescription Medication Assistance Programs (MAP) and Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) from every nationally available pharmaceutical manufacturer and foundation resources.  WebPAP™ software is being used by Hospitals, Pharmacies, Clinics, Healthcare Providers, State Governments, Universities, Native American Nation Clinics and Patient Advocates.

SW Healthcare Solutions LLC  also is the provider of  EHR software and RCM service solutions which are designed to reduce costs, reduce errors and improve the quality of care.  

1.   PhoenixEHS™ - Electronic Health System.  PhoenixEHS™ is designed for healthcare providers and physicians with emphasis on Saving Time, Work Smarter & Provide Better Patient Care.  It is a simple, intuitive and easy to use EHR. 

PhoenixEHS™ is the leading cloud-based software platform with five integrated and powerful modules on a single platform. Providers can elect any or all modules based on their needs:

  1. EHR - Electronic Health Records 
  2. Patient Assistance Program for Prescription Drugs (PAP) Module
  3. Rx and Inventory Module
  4. Donor & Donations Module
  5. Volunteer & Staff  Tracking Module

We are the leader in providing bundled solutions for Physicians, Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers, Surgery Centers, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), Community Health Centers (CHC), Free and Charitable Clinics (CFC).
SW Healthcare Solutions is proud to be the vendor of choice for more than 1,300 users in over forty States, as they deliver quality healthcare to patients.  We have worked closely with many of our clients to customize the software (at no additional charge) to their specific workflows that are unique to their specific workflow.

To learn more about this powerful and comprehensive EHR software visit us on: www.phoenixehs.net

2.  Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services - Medical Billing and Collection Services:
An integral part of our PhoenixEHS™  with an EHR module, Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions provides a comprehensive billing software and service solutions which can Revolutionize RCM Workflow, with our Full Suite Of End-To-End Revenue Cycle Tools, and our proprietary Claim Adjudication Software -  ClaimFusion™ .

Our billing and collection services, boosts reimbursements, reduce Denials and Short-Pays.  

Our team is all "On-Shore" based with Certified Professional Coders (CPC) and experienced medical billers. We generally recoup all your outstanding claims within 30 to 45 days. Minimal to Zero Denials and eliminate "short-pays" on medical claims submitted to payers with our proprietary Claim Adjudication Software (ClaimFusion™) with demonstrated increase in  collections by up to 8% or higher!  

Dynamic Physician Billing staff, deals with and handles the payers so our billing clients don't have to worry about denials from payers or unpredictable collections.  

To learn more about how to increase your collections and reduce your outstanding Accounts Receivables visit us on: http://dynamicphysicianbilling.com