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About US and PAP Software


Medication Advocate, specializes in and is the developer of the best cloud-based Patient Assistance Program (PAP) for Prescription Drugs software - WebPAP™ (Patent Pending).

Securing PAP aid can be extremely challenging for hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and medical providers.

We help health care providers successfully manage the ever-evolving PAP complexities by providing recovery services from start to finish. 

The Patient Assistance Program can be a very complicated process which involves, understanding all the eligibility requirements, determining the correct programs, knowing which forms to submit and calculating and automatically completing all the applications, and just when you think you have it figured out, the pharmaceutical companies change the application and/or the availability of the drugs.

WebPAP™ software takes care of all the applications and management, allowing health care providers time to focus on assisting the patients with their medical needs. With the input and feedback from our valued clients, our platform has been designed to be intuitive, simple and effective.

Over 1,028,261 applications have been completed with $1.02 billion (AWP) worth of scripts have been processed by WebPAP™  software for our client’s patients. 

To continue to deliver best value to our clients, our team checks for new drugs, new applications and any new requirements twice weekly. Updates are done automatically.

We are committed to providing the latest medication assistance information to our customers and providing 24x7 world class customer support and training.

Medication Advocate, is a subsidiary of SW Healthcare Solutions LLC. 


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