Patient Assistance for FREE Medications with WebPAP™

As a patient, not having insurance when you need a life-saving medication can be stressful, only you know how critical it is for you to "help yourself" to improve your treatment, using both name brand and generic FREE prescription medications with either zero or very little 'out-of-pocket' expense to you.  


Below are some examples of the benefits actual patients have received by using our software platform.

We would love to see your name here, if you too, can qualify for and benefit, like these sample patients have! 

1. Patient Initials: L.W  Age 54 Yrs.  City: Portland, ME

Total Value of PAP Drugs for 2019: $127,007.   

2. Patient Initials: A.N.  Age 64 Yrs. City: Springfield, MO

Total Value of PAP Drugs for 2019: $96,453.   

3. Patient Initials: C. B.  Age 61 Yrs. City: Waco, TX

Total Value of PAP Drugs for 2019: $65,789   

It is important to note, that many providers are either not aware of, or do not want to deal with the complexities and the paperwork of PAP programs for patients.

We have addressed this critical hurdle for providers, to help providers easily and successfully manage the ever-evolving PAP complexities from start to finish, if they subscribe to our cloud-based WebPAP™ software.  

Our technology has eliminated the hard work for providers.  Our software platform empowers providers to quickly qualify patients who are either un-insured, under-insured, medically indigent  or any patient who cannot afford to pay for their medications and can qualify to obtain medications for free or at a substantially reduced cost to the patient.

With our technology, an arduous task which previously would have taken up to 72 hours for providers, can now be completed in minutes.  A huge win for both patients and the providers, reducing the time it takes to qualify a patient, complete a PAP application and qualify a patient for free medication or significantly reduces the out-of-pocket expenses for the patients for prescribed medications.

Our software automatically pre-qualifies the patient for the Patient Assistance Program (PAP).  The patient’s eligibility is auto calculated and the application and required documents are automatically completed by the software for the provider.  Our software also connects the patient with the correct program when a medication is prescribed or added. 

To date our software platform has helped our clients and their patients receive over $1.02 billion in free or low-cost medications. 

Ask your provider if they are willing to help you with PAP?  If so, they can subscribe to our software, service.  Please have them call us, email us,  or send them the link from our contact page.

Telephone: 423.479.6729 ext 2        


Patient Assistance Program for Prescription Drug Recovery Software

Patient Assistance Program for Prescription Drug Recovery Software

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Patient Prequalification Form

Patient Eligibility

Patient eligibility is based on several factors.  Each pharmaceutical company program has its own requirements. 

WebPAP™ maintains those requirements on an updated basis.  We compare the patient information to the requirements for a quick review, and eligibility is auto calculated for you. 

Note:  Medication Advocate does NOT provide the Medication(s).  Medications come directly from the Pharmaceutical Companies.

Prequalification Form

Click the link below and answer a few simple questions and enter the name of the drug you need help with to see if you qualify.