Prescription Assistance Program-Free Medications For Pharm

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Help more patients get the medications they need with WebPAP™ and drive more traffic to the store

Pharmacies can now offer name brand drugs for patients who qualify for Prescription Assistance Program (PAP) for FREE prescription medications, for patients.  

The marketing strategy to advertise the PAP capability and  benefits for patients, would help more patients get the medications they need with WebPAP™ and could increase traffic to the store. 

The PAP offering can easily increase the traffic in the store by up to 10% or higher if the pharmacy offers PAP programs to patients.

We understand that Securing PAP aid and managing the ever-evolving PAP complexities can be extremely challenging and time consuming for the pharmacy staff, and this has been a major reason for not offering the PAP to patients. Our technology has been designed to address and resolve this problem.

WebPAP™ provides the software for Prescription Medication Assistance Programs (MAP) and Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) from every nationally available pharmaceutical manufacturer and foundation resource.

We help pharmacies successfully manage the ever-evolving PAP complexities with ease by providing PAP recovery software to qualify patients; automatically complete and print the applications for signature by the patient and the provider to fulfill the medications with PAP, from start to finish.  

Our software platform offers software functionality to automate the process and help applying for these medication assistance programs.  Our technology will quickly qualify patients, provide up to date applications for all available programs as well as calculate the eligibility requirements in seconds based on a handful of patient demographics including their income and instantly provide the list of name brand and generic medications available, all in one location. 

Highlights of our PAP Software platform for Healthcare Providers 

  • Pre-qualify the patient
  • Eligibility wizard
  • Auto calculation of patient's poverty level
  • Bulk replenishment & batch reordering
  • List of all drugs and PAP programs
  • Information for easy reordering is automatically stored
  • Automatic reminders for reordering
  • Reports can be printed, downloaded to Excel or emailed
  • Mailing labels for patient, physician and pharmaceutical company printed automatically
  • Frequent updates of all drugs, programs and applications

The platform is multi-site capable for enterprise, large and small organizations.

Make our PAP recovery services part of your team and help drive more traffic to your store.  

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