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Medication Advocate provides Prescription Medication Assistance Program software and Patient Assistance Program software for healthcare providers or patient advocates. Our WebPAP processes the medication applications for all the pharmaceutical companies. Most all the pharmaceutical companies have medication assistance programs to help patients who can't afford their medications.

Our WebPAP software comes with APIs for easy integration with most all Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records software such as Allscripts, NextGen, Sage, Greenway and GE Centricity.

Medication Advocate's software is updated on a daily basis and maintains the latest applications, eligibility requirements and drug lists. Our software reduces the time it takes to manage these applications by 75%. We auto calculate when the applications are due to be reordered and our 'Batch Reorder' allows you to reorder hundreds of applications with the click of a button.

WebPAP includes integration with SendGrid (for bulk emailing), PostalMethods (for packaging and mailing) and Twilio (for SMS messaging).

WebPAP comes complete with reports for applications completed, applications to reorder, pending apps, patients that need to be re-certified and many more. All reports can be downloaded to excel, printed or emailed.

WebPAP automatically connects the patient with the correct program when a medication is added. You can then manage that patient's enrollment in WebPAP, set reminders to update forms, send POI etc.

Eligibility is auto calculated for you. Click here to see a Qualify image, Click here to see a Not Qualified image.

Our software is used by thousands of healthcare professionals and we have helped more then 300,000 patients get access to their prescription medications.

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Medication Advocate Products & Services:

PPatient assistance application
  • Prescription Assistance software for healthcare professionals
  • Backoffice processing of apps for physicians, pharmacies etc.
  • Pre-Qualification for the Patient Assistance Program
  • Integrates with most EMR software vendors like Allscripts
  • Completion of the application(s) and paperwork
  • Complete program instructions
  • Auto calculation of reorder dates
  • Email applications, Text message reminders etc.
  • Mailing instructions with pre-addressed envelopes
  • Batch Re-ordering
  • Eligibility Calculator
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